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Crimping Tools

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Maun, crimpers to impress.

Make an impression on your next job with crimping tools by Maun.

Whatever your niche, the experts at Maun have an innovative solution for you.

Crimping Pliers for Electricians and Service Engineers

From Bootlace Ferrule Crimper to Crimping Tool For Underground Detection Tape, this range of crimping pliers has got you covered.

Get a specialist wire crimping tool that’s been crafted with care. Maun are known as the experts because we know this game better than anybody else.

When it comes to our crimpers, there’s no difference. Our collection features the highest quality tools for crimping wire and tape, including a ratchel controlled electrical crimping tool. Designed to tackle your job with ease.

Our Bootlace Ferrule Crimper has been engineered for comfortable everyday use. Made with high leverage action, this bootlace ferrule plier gives gas-free crimp connection with minimal pressure. For everything from maintenance and repair to electrical installations and assemblies. There’s no job too small for this toolbox favourite.

Choose our Bootlace Ferrule Crimping Plier. A good value bootlace crimper that is great for making top quality connections.

See our other crimp tools for use with a range of specialist connectors: Scotchlok 8A 8B connectors, QM multipole connectors, D pins on D-sub connectors, and BNC, TNC & UHF Connectors, PCB Crimp Connectors, N type coaxial cable connectors and F type coaxial cable connectors. We also offer a couple of specialist car repair tools for crimping bullet terminals and auto ignition terminals, and there’s a crimping kit for ZIF (zero insertion force) contacts. All designed and made in England to produce secure joints for ultimate peace of mind.

Maun manufactures small hand crimp tools and specialist industrial crimp tools. When working with cables, it's important to choose the right gauge of the terminal (depending on the wire thickness) and cable to match. This is crucial to create a proper crimp, which provides a safe and strong conductive connection that's resistant to vibration and corrosion.

Our crimp tools are designed for precision and safety, and feature durable jaws for effortless crimping. We've used ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable grip during extended use on electrical connectors.

So why settle for ordinary? We don’t. And you shouldn’t either.

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