Ball Chain Plier - Helping to solve all your Ball Chain needs!

Chain Repair?

Our 5* Ball Chain Pliers can repair, shorten or lengthen any ball chain; such as the chains on your blinds & key chains.

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Wad Punch Kit

75 years of accuracy...

Ideal for making clean accurate holes in a number of materials, including but not limited to; leather, plastic, cardboard, rubber, cork

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Thin Jaw Plier

For those hard to reach gaps...

Our Thin Jaw Plier gives a positive grip on square and hexagonal components, the smooth gripping face of the jaws help to prevent any damage to jewellery.

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Olive Removal Tool

A Plumbers Dream!

Designed specifically for removing and cutting an olive from copper pipes on a radiator without damage

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Straight Edge Range

5* Straight Edges

Check out our general purpose carbon steel straight edges which are surface ground all over, with the bevelled edge finished

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