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Plastic Jaw Jewellery Pliers

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Top pliers for delicate work.

Discover the ultimate tools for delicate working. Made by the experts at Maun.

Easily manipulate soft metals and fragile creations, with a secure grip and no marks.

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Precision. Accuracy. Specialism.

At Maun, we create problem-solving pliers for all kinds of work. For jewellery makers, craft workers and manufacturers of delicate pieces, our Soft Plastic Jaws Flat Nose Parallel Plier is an absolute essential.

Hold. Grip. Straighten. Manipulate. Ever wondered how to remove kinks from wire? With the addition of soft plastic jaws, you can do it all without damage.

Our Nylon Jaws Flat Nose Parallel Plier has harder, nylon jaw inserts. The perfect combination of a mark-free jaw surface, but with the firmness needed for professional quality jewellery work.

We also offer another jewellery-making tool with nylon jaws. An ideal jewellery plier for making wire loops, the Round And Flat Nylon Jaws Parallel Plier has one tapered round jaw, and another flat nylon jaw for gripping. Designed for secure, damage-free loop-making.

The Clamping Parallel Plier completes our set of jewellery tools that don’t mark. With a clever locking screw, you can hold your workpiece in place with no damage. Leaving your hands free to get creative.

So, ready to get crafting?

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Made in England. Made to last.

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