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Telecoms Tools

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Call it right with Maun tools.

Telecoms engineers deal with complicated problems.

Maun tools offer unique and well-engineered solutions.

Specialist cutters, punches and pliers. Designed for work in Telecoms.

Use our Four And Six Way BT Plug Crimping Plier to fix standard BT type telephone plugs professionally every time. All operations are conducted in one slick movement.

Our Duct Rod Pliers are specifically designed for connecting and disconnecting duct rods and conduit rods. Uniquely profiled jaws let you depress the latch mechanism with ease. With HRC 57 case hardened jaws for durability.

The Maun Fibre Tube Cutter Plier 5 mm & 8 mm is designed to easily install and repair fibre optic cable. Perfect for making secure and leak-proof connections, with no risk of damage to the optical fibre bundle inside of the tube.

Maun Centre Conductor Cutting Nipper 3A has been engineered to cut centre conductor wires to the correct length, every time. The long-lasting return spring makes them easy to handle, and the rust-proof finish provides a durable tool with a long lifespan.

Our Metal Hole Punch Plier 6.4 mm Punch is specifically for punching holes in metal sheet, to help you fit ground conductor earthing plates or sheath clips. The machine-ground and hardened punch is designed for longevity, and the long-lasting return spring makes the tool easy to use.

Crimp connectors to coaxial cables using our crimping pliers for N Type cable connectors and F type cable connectors.

Maun have been offering unique solutions for over 75 years, with tools proudly made in England.