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Precision Straight Edge Tools & Rulers

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There are straight rules. Then there are Maun rules.

More than just a guide for measuring, scoring and cutting. Our precision straight edge tools are expertly engineered. For you to complete job after job in safety. Ensuring perfection, every time.

Perfect accuracy is the baseline for our products. So as well as clean lines and precision measurements, our engineering straight edges and safety rules come with a host of other features.

The Aluminium Safety Straight Edge has a non-slip, vision-enhancing, finger-protecting design. Ideal for scoring and cutting everything from papercraft to wallpaper, vinyl flooring and even sheet glass. Available in metric sizes from 300 mm to 3 m.

The Steel Straight Edge is an all-purpose model. In Imperial sizes from 12″ to 72″, with metric options from 300 mm to 1 m. Crafted from high-quality carbon steel and case hardened to HRC 57 for durability. It’s built to ensure a flawless finish in all kinds of professional, DIY, woodworking and craft applications. They are ideal for setting up machines like planers and jointers too. They include long straight edges, like the Steel Straight Edge Imperial 72″.

Our precision steel straight edges offer precise measurement along the entire length for maximum accuracy and that perfect straight edge every time. They also include hang holes for storage on a hook or nail, with a range of lengths to choose from. The weight of a steel straight edge is reassuring, and makes it much more forgiving than a lightweight ruler.

The Safety Ruler, meanwhile, is a classic design that has endured for 60 years. Simple and safe. The straight edge ruler is perfect for the classroom and the workplace.

So, if you’re looking for innovative design. Lightweight, easy-to-handle build. And of course, a product that’s made to last by skilled British craftsmen, choose Maun today. And don’t settle for ordinary.

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