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Smooth Jaw Parallel Pliers

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Maun pliers, smooth operators.

Our original problem solvers. Optimised for delicate pieces.

Parallel pliers designed for a firm grip, without compromising on delicate materials. Ideal for crafting, fine engineering or jewellery making.

Engineered with precision by Maun.

Workbench essentials, ideal for jewellery makers, crafters and anyone working with delicate metals or materials.

Work with soft wire without causing damage, allowing you to bend, manipulate and grip it. Ideal for a range of different projects.

If you’re making models or manufacturing delicate pieces, then you need a smooth jaw to avoid damaging the final product.

Our case hardened jaws provide durability and a long tool lifespan. Wire can be threaded down the throat of the plier, allowing you to bend and manipulate it along the full length.

See a problem? Solve it. That’s Maun for you.

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