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Seal Crimpers & Cutters

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Our security sealing solution.

Maun offers a precision-engineered, security sealing system for effective tamper-proofing of meters, valves, drums, containers and more.

Quality construction meets intelligent engineering in our Seal Crimpers & Cutters.

Made in England, built to last, from the experts at Maun

Maun's Security Crimping & Cutting Plier is an all-in-one tool that securely crimps copper ferrules and cuts wire with ease. Its precision-machined jaws produce a reliable crimp that can withstand a minimum tensile load of 400 N, ensuring your seal is secure, safe and of the highest standard. Designed for single-handed operation, this tool also emphasises operator comfort, allowing for sustained periods of use without straining the user. It’s built to last too, with a robust construction and a rust-proof finish.

Our Security Sealing Black Ferrules, supplied in packs of 100, offer a perfect match to the Crimping & Cutting Plier. These ferrules form part of our integrated security system, ensuring the durability and security of your seal. Our design will minimise operator error, and these ferrules can be crimped using one hand, leaving no room for poorly crimped ferrules, and maximising the efficiency of your work.

Our Security Sealing Wires, also provided in packs of 100, complete our suite of security seal solutions. Like our ferrules, these wires have been designed to work seamlessly with the Crimping & Cutting Plier for one-handed operation. These wires, ferrules, and sealing tool together ensure the security of your seal, eliminating the risk of poorly secured wires.

These three products complement each other in creating a secure, reliable seal. It’s the perfect sealing solution for professionals and technicians seeking a tamper-proof seal for caravan park meters, taxi meters, telephone meters, pest control bait stations, industrial valves, trailers, drums, air cargo containers and much more.

Demand more from your tools. Choose Maun's Seal Crimpers & Cutters for your next job. With our products, you aren't just getting tools. You're investing in peace of mind and a proven security sealing system that works.

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