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Steel Straight Edges

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Let Maun set you straight.

There are steel straight edges. Then there are Maun straight edges.

Designed to ensure absolute precision, Maun’s steel straight edge tool is finished to an accuracy of 0.001 inch per foot. So you can mark the perfect straight line, every time.

Ideal for any task that involves marking, working, and cutting in straight lines, our metal rulers are favoured by professionals and DIYers alike. Perfect for fitting floor coverings, cutting and hanging wallpaper, measuring and scoring textiles, woodworking, and much more.  

Choose from a variety of precision straight edge lengths in both metric and imperial measurements, from a handy 12 inches to the ultra-practical 1000 mm (1 m) straight edge. Then store it easily when you’re done, using the built-in 6 mm hanging hole.

Expertly manufactured in England to the highest professional standard, each steel rule comes with a high-quality carbon steel surface for a smooth, comfortable finish. Plus a 3.5mm thickness, which ensures safe use with metal scribers.

High-quality carbon steel straight edges, the perfect complement to your favourite measuring tool.

With every piece case hardened to HRC 57 for durability, these aren’t just the right tools for the job. These are tools that last a lifetime.

We also have high quality safety rules here, and aluminium straight edges here.

Choose Maun today. And don’t settle for ordinary.

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