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Wire Cutters

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Maun, wire cutting experts.

Strong and reliable wire cutting pliers. Expertly designed by Maun.

Hardened cutting edges make light work of cutting both soft and hard wire.

Featuring compound-lever assisted handles, our wire cutting tools slice through hard wire with minimal effort.

Choose a proper pair of wire snips from Maun.

Precision Cutting Tools for Soft & Hard Wire

For electricians, diagonal wire snippers make repetitive cuts of electrical wire and cabling easy.

Jewellery making is simpler when you can make clean cuts on wire, making these ideal jewellery cutters.

The perfect solution for dental technicians, easily cutting through orthodontic wire.

The ideal DIY and garden tool, so you can cut through metal wire, cables, and rope, whatever the task.

Hobbyists will find them ideal for making clean cuts during model-making and craft work. Metal wires are no match for Maun heavy duty cutters.

Furniture manufacturers will find them reliable and durable for multiple cuts on hard wire and resetting quickly using the return spring function.

Maun strong Diagonal Cutters use a high-leverage cutter design to make quick work of cutting hard wire. They work by indenting the wire and then wedging it apart.

Maun End Cutting Pliers help to leave a clean finish on wire, ideal for cutting close to other surfaces, such as removing nails from wood.

If you prefer combination pliers, our large multipurpose Side Cutter Parallel Pliers allow you to both grip and cut wire with one tool, making you more efficient at working with wire and wiring over long periods. The serrated jaws model makes excellent Fence cutters for wire rope fence cutting. Our range is appropriate for multiple types of wire, including soft, hard, copper, and piano wire.

Wire gauge is the measure of thickness, with a high gauge meaning a thin wire. This combined with the wire hardness, has a great impact on whether or not your shears will cut through the wire. Our products are heavy duty, and designed to cut through hard steel wire and other materials easily. This makes them perfect for a DIY'er, an electrician, and someone maintaining high tensile fence wire. They're also great at cutting through floristry wire. We also have tools for crimping wire.

We also stock the following variants:

Avoid leaving jagged wire edges from using blunt electrical cutting tools, and instead, choose a durable, safe, and sturdy precision cutter from Maun. Choose from comfortable plastic grips or zinc-plated handles. We use the best materials in all our hand tools, including wire snips and cable cutters, ensuring longevity and reliability. This includes induction-hardened cutting jaws, precisely shaped for durability and accuracy. Our range goes from 140mm cutters to 200mm cutters, and you can buy them online now from the Maun UK store.

Because with this range of British-made Maun originals, your toolbox is a cut above the rest.

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