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Maun packs the perfect punch.

Maun tools get the job done right, every time. Our superior range of punches is no exception.

Paper. Card. Leather. Fabric. Plastic. Cork. Rubber. Whatever material you’re working with, we've got the perfect puncher.

Expertly engineered for the job at hand. Get yours now.

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From our multi-use Wad Punch Set With Centre Punch Metric that will last you years. To ingenious Revolving Leather Hole Punch Plier, which let you swap punch sizes quickly and easily. Whether you’re a crafter, a hobbyist, a DIY-er, into classic car maintenance or a leather worker, Maun has the tools for you.

Looking for the best paper hole puncher? Our Hole Punch Plier For Stationers and Paper Punch Drill Set are ideal for schools, colleges, offices, and craft workshops. Helping you make fast work of those endless stacks of paper.

Wondering how to hole punch thick paper and card? Choose the Heavy Duty Hole Punch Plier. Punching holes in leather? Get the right size and shape, every time with our Heavy Duty Revolving Leather Hole Punch Plier. Maun make leather punch tools that you can rely on.

Use Maun's Heavy Duty Hole Puncher & Eyelet Plier to punch holes and even fix eyelets in paper, card, shim steel and thin plastics. You can even buy quality packs of Brass Eyelets and Coloured Eyelets. Offering the perfect finish for your project.

Our high-capacity tools are designed for heavy-duty punching, making them the ideal choice for those who need to punch holes in multiple sheets of paper or leather. Crafters and professional leatherworkers alike will appreciate the extra punching power these steel tools offer. Whether you're working on a big project or just need a reliable tool for your crafting needs, our products deliver top-notch performance every time.

A subpar metal hole punch may wear out and lose its effectiveness over time, but Maun tools are crafted with heavy-duty steel for long-lasting durability.

Punch it. Drill it. Fix it. Close it.

Whatever tool you choose, you’ll always get quality with Maun.

British made and engineered for precision since 1944.

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