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Get a grip with Maun.

Clamp down on your workload with Maun clamps and clamping pliers.

Built by the experts, this collection of clamping tools has been uniquely designed to take on even the trickiest of tasks. Engineered for ultimate grip. Made to last.

Find your next toolbox staple with Maun.

For industrial engineers and hobbyists looking to get a tighter grip on their work. This revolutionary range of clamps features every tool you need for a job well done.

Precision-built for a stronger hold, our expert-made tools for clamping were specifically engineered for machining operations and fine working. Our clamps are smaller and stronger than most regular industrial clamps, and are designed with a screw clip to keep jaws locked when working. They include a 75mm version and a 100mm version.

Made in England, this collection of clever little clamps is suited to any precision toolmaker or hobbyist. For jewellers or crafters, use our Clamping Plier With Plastic Jaw Inserts and never have to worry about marking your workpiece.

Maun clamps apply parallel pressure to securely hold workpieces to your bench while they're being drilled, milled, filed, or machined. Perfect for a workshop or woodworking professional and those in manufacturing and metal fabrication. The jaws are chemically blackened and hardened for durability, offering consistent clamping over the product's lifespan.

The knurled screw heads with cross-holes add extra strength and rigidity to the tightening of the clamp, helping you achieve maximum precision and security.

These clamps were expertly crafted with toolmakers in mind, making them ideal for tasks such as tapping, cutting, and using a variety of tools. The hardened steel construction ensures durability and longevity, while the parallel jaws provide a secure grip on your workpiece. Whether you're working on a lathe or woodworking project, these clamps will securely hold your materials in place. The knurled screws make the tool easy to adjust and tighten, while the chucks ensure you get a firm grip without damaging any delicate surfaces.

With their ability to apply even pressure across the entire surface area of your workpiece, these clamps are perfect for any professional or hobbyist where accuracy really matters. Additionally, the tapered design allows for easy insertion into tight spaces, while the threaded screw mechanism provides effortless control over the clamping process. Whether you're securing metal pieces together or soldering components in place, these clamps will make your job easier and more efficient.

Because at Maun, we’ve been solving problems since 1944. And we know a thing or two about the right tool for you.

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