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Gas Meter Tools

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Maun tools for gas meter pros.

Gas meter tools to get the job done. No questions asked.

See our superbly engineered Shear Bolt Removal Tool, and service spanners and installation sets: get everyday tools, engineered with your job in mind. Only from the experts at Maun.

Must-have tools for gas engineers. At Maun, we take problem solving to the next level.

Take our Shear Bolt Removal Tool For Gas Meters. A high-strength tool, engineered to remove security shear bolts in half the time. Secure grip, less effort. Parallel jaws for a perfect grip on bolt heads, and lever-assisted for minimal effort. That’s the way we do things at Maun.

Then there is the Gas Meter Installation Service Spanner Set. Every spanner a gas engineer needs to install and service commercial and domestic gas meters in one handy set. No fuss required. Ideal for installation in tight spaces and gripping hard-to-reach meter nuts. This set of spanners is built to last. Think robust construction and ergonomic design. The ultimate gas meter tools.

Better than an adjustable wrench. Perfect for the true professional. We saw a problem and found a way to solve it. That’s Maun for you.

Out tools have been in action for over 75 years. Each and every tool is engineered to last and has been since 1944.

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