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Auto Repair Pliers

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Classic auto plier solutions.

Auto Repair pliers to help you get a grip on your work.

A specially engineered range of tools. Designed to get the job done right, every time. Featuring Bullet & Snap Connector Insert Tools and our simple, but effective, Crimping Tool For Bullet Terminals, this collection has everything you need for a proper finish on your next project.

Made for professionals, DIY-ers and hobbyists. This range of Auto Repair Pliers have been specially designed to make your life easier.

Car repair pliers built to last and made in England. Each tool is crafted by our Maun experts to make the perfect addition to your collection.

Our Bullet & Snap Connector Insert Tool is ideal for fixing car audio and home theatre systems. It quickly joins bullet and snap connectors with ease, working reliably every time. And with shaped prongs and recess, you’re guaranteed to get a precise finish, whatever the job.

Our specialist auto repair pliers will help you tackle the trickiest of projects too. Long Nose Plier for straightening radiator fins. Injector Washer Removal Tool does what it says. Fix shims to cams with our Shim Crimping Tool and remove piston ring shims with our Shim Removal Plier.

We also manufacture a Crimping Tool For High Tension Auto Ignition Terminals. Designed for crimping terminals to 7 mm HT auto ignition cable. There are twin, precision-machined dies: one curves the terminal round the wire, the other closes the “ears” into the cable insulation for a secure crimp.

Choose Maun. And consider your next project a job well done.

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