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Olive Cutters

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Maun’s plumbing essential.

Expertly designed olive cutters. The ideal addition to every plumber’s toolbox.

Don’t compromise on your finish. Remove compression olives, rings and ferrules fast and with no damage to the copper pipe. Only with plumbing solutions from Maun.

Must-have pliers for every plumber’s toolkit. Get British made olive cutting pliers from the experts at Maun.

Want minimal hand pressure and no damage to pipes? Our Olive Cutter Plier Type Tool is the plumbing tool for you. Wave goodbye to hacksaws and olive pullers. Deformed pipes and swarf too. Maun olive cutting tools are made with blades cut from high-quality steel and hardened and tempered to HRC 45 for a reliable cut. Every. Single. Time.

There’s our Olive Cutter Screw Type Tool too. It’s ideal for tight spaces and, like its sister tool, built to last. Get a positive cutting drive with precise screw-turn action – and remove olives, rings and ferrules in just a few turns of the handle.

Plumbers and DIY-ers. Move radiators with ease. Maun’s compression fitting cutters are the perfect addition to any plumbing kit. 

We have olive cutting pliers to cut either 15mm or 22mm pipes, both available with comfort tool grips. When you use the tool, it uses sharp edges on either side of the pipe to cut the existing olive off. Far better than using a junior hacksaw on delicate copper pipework and brass olives. They're also known in the UK as olive splitters, olive slicers, and olive removing tools.

Because we don’t settle for ordinary. And you shouldn’t either.

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