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Plier Sets

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The best British plier sets.

Strong and reliable pliers, precision engineered by Maun.

Maun has a set for every occasion. For jewellery making, DIY, hobby and model making, leatherwork and outdoor work.

Invest in tools built for the job, built to last and tackle your next project with ease.

Our sets of jewellery pliers include a 4, 5 and 6 plier set – allowing you to choose a set that matches your ambitions.

Our DIY Sets include a range of versatile pliers that you can use when tackling multiple different DIY tasks.

Check out our Hobby Sets complete with pliers designed for working with delicate pieces, as well as hardened cutters to give you clean and accurate cuts for your next project.

We also offer a distinct range of model making tool kits. Alongside pliers for delicate working and a high-leverage cutter, the top-of-the range 5 tool Platinum Kit includes a precision straight edge and our popular clamping parallel plier.

Our leather working kits provide a wide choice of options. The entry-level Bronze Leatherwork Kit is very affordable and includes three tools perfect for the beginner. For more experienced leatherworkers, our most comprehensive kit comprises two types of punch plier, two precision straight edges for accurate cutting and a rivet plier.

Maun’s outdoor sets are designed for those more demanding jobs in the garden or field. They include our best selling and most robust cutting plier, alongside other pliers ideal for working outdoors.

Our wide range of high quality tools helps professionals and DIY'ers grip, bend, and cut through a range of metals, wires, and other materials.

Our tools help you grip wire like nothing else, but our range includes more than just normal pliers, with multi-purpose linesman pliers, electrical cutters, diagonal cutting pliers, adjustable and locking pliers, long nose pliers, and more. Our range includes pliers with soft jaws for working with delicate materials like jewellery, and serrated jaws for tougher materials like hard wire. Upgrade your gripping, fastening, crimping, and cutting. Delivery is available to the UK, United States, and the rest of the world. Maun hand tools, side cutters, and other products are available at the best price at our online store; order yours today.

All Maun pliers are made in England. With quality and durability built in as standard.

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