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Model Making Tools

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Model tools for model makers.

One slip could ruin it all, so you need tools built for precision.

Choose precision engineered model making tools from Maun.

Grip, cut, clamp and measure.

Better tools, better models, better satisfaction.

All with the help of Maun.

Pliers and Cutting Tools for Modelling

If you need a solid grip without damaging the piece you’re working on, then our range of Smooth Jaws Parallel Pliers is idea. The parallel jaws grip securely along the whole length of the jaws without crushing the piece, and the smooth jaws ensure no scratches or other damage is imprinted onto the model piece. For even more delicate work, we have our Nylon Jaw and Soft Plastic Jaw pliers.

For repetitive cuts of varying materials, our Diagonal Cutting Pliers are perfect. HRC 64 induction hardened cutting edges offer exceptional durability, and a long lasting return spring makes the tool fast to reset for multiple cuts in a shorter amount of time.

For clean end cuts, you can’t beat the Maun End Cutting Pliers. The 14x hand force multiplier makes cutting with these feel effortless, and the HRC 64 hardened cutting edges offer a durable and long tool lifespan. The smaller size makes them easier to manipulate, ideal for use in model making.

Maun Straight Edges and Safety Rulers are ideal for measuring and cutting pieces during model making. The M-shaped profile of the safety rulers allows the recess to protect your fingers from any blades while scoring an object.

Clamps are essential for holding sections of models together, and the Maun Toolmakers Clamps take this to the next level. The screw clip keeps the jaws firmly locked in place, and the strong parallel jaws offer precise and reliable clamping.

We also have a clamping parallel plier, which can help you lock sections in place during manipulation without damaging them.

Our tool kits and cutters are the perfect gift for any modeller, helping them during important crafting jobs like carving, shaping, sculpting, sanding, filing, gluing, and painting. Maun modelling tools are workbench essentials, helping to take your hobby to the next level, creating model pieces and figures that you will be proud to display.

Over 75 years of being toolbox favourites. Made in England since 1944.

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