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Steel Wire Cutters

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Maun cutters, made for steel.

Steel wire is tough. Maun steel cable cutters are tougher.

High-leverage cutters designed to handle steel wire with minimal effort.

Engineered by our experts to cut hard steel wire and cable.

Choose a tool made for the job. Choose Maun.

From hardened piano wire to high tensile electric fence wire, Maun wire rope cutters can handle it.

Our diagonal wire cutters have induction-hardened jaws to HRC 64 for durable cutting edges and a long tool lifespan. The long-lasting return spring makes them easy to reset, helping you save energy when making multiple cuts.

See Maun’s End Cutting Pliers. A superb high-leverage tool for cutting wire flush to surfaces. With all the features you expect of Maun pliers: industry-leading hardened jaws and compact high-leverage design. Perfect for professionals who cut steel wire for a living.

Maun Side Cutter Parallel Pliers have both gripping and cutting jaws, helping you to work more efficiently when manipulating and cutting hard wire. The v-slot in one jaw gives you greater purchase on the steel wire along the whole length of the jaws. Feed the wire through the tool’s open throat to bend or straighten the wire at any point along its length.

Sharp heavy-duty metal wire snippers offering precision cuts for DIY, construction, jewellery making, craft, fencing, electrical work, and more. The perfect tool to cut metal wire, a strong cable cutter you can rely on.

Our hand tools have been trusted for over 75 years. Made in England, the tools of true professionals.

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