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Combination & Multifunctional Pliers

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Combination pliers, reimagined.

The ultimate tools for your diverse needs. Discover power and precision in one tool with Maun's combination and multifunctional pliers.

Crafted with high-quality materials and designed for durability, our range of multifunctional pliers is more than just a collection of ordinary hand tools. They are the embodiment of innovation, comfort and reliability, helping you achieve more with less effort.

Discover our diverse range of pliers:

  1. Side Cutter Parallel Pliers: the combination plier, reimagined. These pliers combine strong and precise gripping jaws with a built-in side cutter, to help you work with wire more efficiently. The jaws move in parallel for a more even grip, and the unique V-slot in the jaws allows you to secure wire more firmly. The cutting edges are hardened to HRC 62-65, meaning durability and longevity of this tool is unquestionable. The jaws are open throated at the end, letting you thread your wire through the open throat of the plier for effortless working at any point along the whole length of the wire.
  2. Heavy Duty Hole Puncher & Eyelet Plier 4 mm Eyelet: Step up your punching game with our 4.0 mm eyelet plier. Make precise holes in a range of tougher materials, every single time. Save yourself time by punching holes and fixing eyelets with one tool. The plier jaws move in parallel, helping you precisely align the eyelet fixing dies together, and the jaws are case hardened to HRC 57 for durability.
  3. Security Crimping & Cutting Plier: This tool is the epitome of convenience and performance, allowing you to both cut wire and crimp ferrules with one tool. There’s a ratchet mechanism that ensures the jaws cannot be released until you have completed a perfect crimp. With an integrated wire cutter, a ratchet release lever for removing partially crimped ferrules and a long-lasting return spring, you'll achieve professional results when crimping 6 mm long copper ferrules. The jaws are case-hardened to HRC 57 for durability and chemically blackened for longevity, while the handles are equipped with soft plastic grips for comfort.

For professionals, DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, our range of combination and multifunctional pliers are essential toolbox additions. Whether you're in need of a tool for precision cutting, efficient punching or reliable crimping, Maun has you covered.

Elevate your toolset with the power of combination and multifunctional pliers from Maun. These are no ordinary tools; they're problem solvers designed to get the job done right. Expect more from your hand tools, choose Maun.

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