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Aluminium Safety Straight Edges

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The Maun edge: precise & safe.

There are aluminium straight edge tools. Then there are Maun tools.

Designed for safety as well as versatility, our straight edges help you create the perfect straight line, every time.

Crafted out of lightweight, quality-grade aluminium for easy everyday use, it’s an ideal tool for DIYers and professionals alike. Whether you’re scoring paper, cutting vinyl flooring, or even working with sheet glass.

Choose from a range of ten metric sizes, from the craft-friendly 300 mm straight edge, to the specialist 3000mm straight edge tool. Each finished to a pinpoint accuracy of 0.084mm per metre.

So how is it safer than a regular metal ruler? Every Maun aluminium engineered edge features a unique grooved surface for better grip. A bevelled edge for unobstructed vision. A non-slip backing to prevent accidents. Plus innovative recessed areas to protect fingers.

Expertly manufactured in England with your problems in mind, it’s the safest straight edge we offer.

Ideal for use in a workshop, in woodworking, carpentry, construction, fabrication, plastering, concreting, and more. Perfectly level, ideal for precision measurements on an important project.

Built by skilled British craftsmen that refuse to compromise on accuracy, versatility, and durability.

So you can get the job done right, every time.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose Maun today.