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Electrical Tools

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Feel the power with Maun.

Why settle for ordinary? Feel the power with electrical tools from Maun.

Made for the ultimate performance, no matter your job. This collection features the finest electrical tools so you get the job done right. Explore our range now.

Cable cutters and crimp tools. This range of electrical tools has everything you could want in a toolbox.

Engineered by the experts, these carefully crafted tools offer unrivalled cutting, joining and crimping performance on your electrics. Every. Single. Time.

Our Ratchet Cable Cutter is a true tradesman’s tool. Ratchet controlled to easily cut copper, aluminium and steel wire armoured (SWA) cables. It’s the Rolls-Royce of cable cutting tools – made with electricians, engineers and serious DIY-ers in mind.

And our list of tools for electricians doesn’t end there. Our Bootlace Ferrule Crimper is on hand too. Ready to crimp a range of stranded copper wire sizes and bootlace ferrules with a gas-free crimp connection. One tool, half the time.

Our range of electrical tools also include crimpers for special connectors: Scotchlok 8A 8B connectors, QM multipole connectors, D pins on D-sub connectors, and BNC, TNC & UHF connectors. All designed for ease. A perfect crimp, no fuss.

Maun Diagonal Cutting Pliers are the ideal tool for repetitive wire cutting. The high-leverage cutter design takes minimal effort to use, ideal for saving energy on long work days.

Our unique range of Side Cutter Parallel Pliers combine manipulating and cutting hard wire into one tool. The serrated jaws help with better grip, and the heat treated cutting edges offer excellent cutter durability.

Maun End Cutting Pliers are high-leverage nippers that are perfect for cutting wires and nails close to other surfaces. The compound-lever action multiplies your hand force by 14, so it takes much less effort to cut through even thick cables.

If you’re working with electric fencing, then our Fencing Pliers are made for you. They cut through high tensile fence wire with ease, and the combined gripping function allows you also to repair and manipulate fencing wire.

We seek out problems and find ways to solve them. That’s Maun for you.

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