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Round Jaw Jewellery Pliers

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Round jaws to bend or twist.

Maun’s original problem solving pliers. Expertly adapted for jewellery making and craft work.

Create loops. Bend rings. Grip and manoeuvre delicate objects. All with tools that are built to last.

Explore our range of Round Jaw Parallel Pliers now.

The Maun Round And Flat Jaws Parallel Plier is perfect for bending, coiling, and forming loops. Consistently sized. Varying diameters. And no damage or marking, thanks to the smooth jaws.

For even more delicate work, try the Round Jaws 1 1/2″ Parallel Plier 140 mm. Ideal for adding tiny details to earrings and bracelets, with a long-lasting return spring for easier, faster handling.

Then there’s the Half Round And Flat Jaws Parallel Plier. Crafted for work with more heavy-duty materials, the compound-lever action gives high leverage with minimal pressure. So you can bend beautiful rings into shape with ease.

Each set of pliers in the range has hardened and chemically blackened jaws for durability. Handles have a rust-proof finish and detailing for added grip. Plus there’s the signature parallel pliers design. Ensuring a secure grip along the full length of the jaws – never just the tip.

Your creativity deserves more than just ordinary tools. See the Maun difference today. Problem solving pliers, made in Britain.

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