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Riveters & Rivets

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Maun, for a riveting time.

Why settle for ordinary? We don’t.

That’s why Maun offers quality brass and nickel rivets, and makes the definitive tool you need to set them. For a perfect finish in your leather and fashion work.

The Cupped Rivet Plier is based on the original Maun Parallel Plier design. Jaws that move in parallel ensure secure fastening. No loose fittings. And that rivets close evenly – not at an angle.

Our rivet pliers come with a return spring and jaws that are hardened to HRC 57 standards. For an easy-use, durable tool that you can turn to again and again.

Our packs of Brass And Nickel-plated Rivets can be fixed through a variety of materials. So you get a secure, neat, symmetrical finish. Whether you’re making a woven belt or a leather saddle.

Made from durable steel and plated with brass or nickel, choose from bags of 20, 50, or 100 caps and stems. Then simply press them together with our Cupped Rivet Plier. A quality tool, made in England for a flawless finish.

We created our pliers and rivets to solve a long-standing problem in the fashion industry. So whatever clothes, accessories or products you’re making, we make the best tools for the job. Every time.

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