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Snipe Nose Jewellery Pliers

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Precision-made for jewellery.

Engineered for precision. Optimised for jewellery.

Our Snipe Nose Parallel Pliers are the perfect tools for the most delicate of jobs. Made in England since 1944.

With a choice of smooth jaws or serrated jaws, our specialist parallel pliers are the best tools for jewellery makers, hobbyists and craft workers.

Hold. Grip. Manipulate. Straighten. Remove Kinks. All with no marking or damage. The Snipe Nose Smooth Jaws Parallel Plier is perfect for working with soft metals and wires.

Or choose the serrated version for ultimate control. Our Snipe Nose Serrated Jaws Parallel Plier grips securely along the full length of the jaws. Ideal for tricky work with small objects and fastenings. Also known as chain nose pliers and long nose pliers, both pliers have tapered jaws for easier access. Both are designed to be used in restricted spaces. Both have zinc-plated handles, with detailing for added grip.

And of course, all our models are built to last. With robust construction and a rust-proof finish.

Why? Because Maun saw a problem. And decided to fix it for good.

So don’t settle for ordinary. Choose your snipe nose pliers now.

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