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Engineering Tools

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Maun tools, engineered to last.

A superb collection of tools for engineers from Maun. See our comprehensive range of parallel pliers, complemented by a selection of compact, high leverage cutting pliers. We offer straight edges, safety rulers, clamps and wad punches too.

Made for the experts, by the experts. Since 1944.

Whatever you’re making, get the right tool from Maun. Engineering tools, built for precision and made to last.

Pliers, cutters and nippers. Parallel tools for ultimate performance, no matter your job.

Our Side Cutter Parallel Plier is a Maun Original, designed for cutting, gripping and manipulating wire with ease. It’s got parallel jaws for a vice-like grip, ideal for square and hexagonal fastenings. Choose only the best for your toolbox.

For repetitive cutting of wire or springs, try our Diagonal Cutting Plier or End Cutting Plier. The definitive hard wire cutting tools. With compound-lever action, they cut with ease, day in, day out. Choose plastic grips for added comfort over long periods.

Try our Wad Punch Set for making replacement seals and gaskets, and sealing washers for conduit.

Our Toolmaker Clamps are engineered for the ultimate grip, ideal for industrial engineers who need a secure fix. They use a screw clip to keep the jaws locked while working.

Our range of Straight Edges and Safety Rulers are ideal for measuring, scoring and cutting materials. Precision-engineered for maximum accuracy, where every mm counts.

Maun Parallel Pliers come in multiple variations to adapt to each engineering task you have. From smooth jaw for delicate work, to serrated jaws for extra grip. We also have snipe nose pliers with tapered jaws for those tighter spaces.

Each and every jaw, blade and punch in the range is hardened for durability. Pliers come complete with zinc-plated handles for added toughness in a demanding workplace or workshop.

Made for electricians, technicians, engineers and DIY’ers. Used by those serious about their craft.

Get quality without compromise. Get the best tool for the job.

Why settle for ordinary? We don’t. And you shouldn’t either.

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