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Dental Pliers & Orthodontic Wire Cutters

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Maun, THE dental wire cutters.

Orthodontic wire is tough. Exactly what Maun cutting pliers are designed to handle.

Our high-leverage cutters, with compound-lever assisted handles, cut hard dental wire with ease.

Ideal for dentists, dental technicians and orthodontists.

Engineered with precision by Maun.

The original problem solvers. Be more efficient using our Side Cutter Parallel Pliers. Bend and cut orthodontic wire with just one tool. These side cutting pliers include a v-slot in one jaw, so you can hold the wire along the full length of the jaws for a more secure grip.

Maun diagonal cutting pliers are perfect for repetitive cuts of hard wire, uniquely engineered for high performance with minimal effort. HRC 64 hardened cutting edges offer durability and accuracy, perfect for cutting dental wire year after year.

Don’t settle for weak cutters that go blunt.

Perfect for dentists, technicians, hygienists, and orthodontists who deal with tough dental wire on a regular basis.

Choose Maun tools. With quality built in for over 75 years. Proudly made in England since 1944.

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