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Auto Repair Tools

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Classic tools for car repair.

Auto Repair tools to take your project the extra mile.

Featuring classics like Diagonal Cutters and Wad Punch Sets, this nifty range of tools was uniquely designed for your toolbox.

Made by the professionals. For the professionals.

At Maun, we make tools that do the job, every time. Tools built with precision. Cutting, gripping and twisting exactly how you like.

Our range of specialist tools for auto repair are the ultimate car repair tools. Engineered to be exact and work quickly and reliably whatever their use.

Make gaskets and washers with our Wad Punch Set with Centre Punch Imperial or Wad Punch Set with Centre Punch Metric. Each kit features nine punches that work with soft materials including rubber, felt, leather, plastic and cork.

Our Bullet & Snap Connector Insert Tool has precisely shaped prongs and spring return. It is complemented by our Crimping Tool For Bullet Terminals . Use this to crimp the terminals, before marrying the connectors with the Connector Insert Tool. Our Diagonal Cutting Plier For Hard Wire Comfort Grips and End Cutting Plier For Hard Wire each have a compound-lever action for effortless cutting.

Our Crimping Tool For High Tension Auto Ignition Terminals is perfect for crimping terminals to 7 mm HT cables. These are used to connect spark plug wires and cables, and coil wires that connect the ignition coil to the distributor.

Specialist hand tools for professional mechanics to repair cars and fixing other vehicles. Ideal for garages/auto shops and classic car repairs.

Built to last and made in England, Maun tools are the pinnacle in auto repair equipment. They’ll suit professional car repairers and enthusiasts looking for the perfect finish on their next motor.

Because we don’t settle for ordinary. And neither should you.

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