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Our Custom Tool Solutions

As well as specialist pliers, we also create custom tool solutions to solve your specific problems. We love a challenge and we’re confident we can develop the perfect tool for any task, whether the solution is a plier or not.

To help give you an idea of the possibilities we can achieve, we’ve put together the following collection of case studies, each telling the story of a different innovative, specialist tool – from concept to completion.

If you like what you see and have a problem we can help with, get in touch. Let’s start the creation of something special together.

Copper Conductor Tool

GE Power came to us after experiencing a major issue with the tools used to cut the copper conductor wire in its multi-million-Pound transformers.

Through our tried-and-tested, iterative process, we developed the perfect replacement – an electric-powered twist on the traditional plier – that provides a perfect cut every time, across a range of copper widths, potentially saving the company millions in repair and replacement costs.

Shear Bolt Removal Tool

Due to the rollout of Smart Meters, Meter Provida’s customers were experiencing an upsurge in gas meter installations. Every gas meter is secured with a tamper-resistant shear bolt - the head shears off during fitting to prevent consumers from trying to remove their meter. To enable meter fitters to work efficiently, Meter Provida wanted to create a shear bolt removal tool solution.

After developing a range of prototypes, we created a brand-new plier, with the teeth to remove even the most persistent shear bolt. Grip problems and easy breakages are in the past, gas meter engineers can now work much more efficiently.

Cable Tie Cutter

Within the wings of aeroplanes, there are cable ties holding together large bundles of wires. Airbus needed a plier to cut them, while avoiding any plastic cuttings falling into the wing void, creating a potential safety risk.

After intensive trials, including testing on cable ties that had been exposed to the elements at altitudes of over 10,000 m, the team were able to develop an inventive plier with a catch box capable of containing 100% of cuttings.

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