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Metal Safety Rulers & Cutting Rulers

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Simple. Safe. Precise.

Discover Maun’s take on the classic Safety Ruler. Made in England and engineered to last since 1944.

Designed for safety. Built for precision.

Crafted from quality stainless steel, with an ingenious M-shaped profile to keep fingers away from the cutting edge. Simply place your fingers in the recessed area, and the Maun Safety Rule helps you work safely, whatever the task.

Measure. Score. Cut. Create.

Whether you need classroom rulers. Professional design tools. Or rulers for technical drawing. Whether you’re measuring paper, scoring card, cutting leather or model making. Our metal safety ruler is lightweight, easy to handle and simply works.

Maun's Safety Rule Range

The Metal Safety Rule 300 mm offers easy to read metric scale graduations. Or choose the Metal Safety Rule 12″ for a mixture of Imperial and metric measurements.

Heavy duty industrial-grade stainless steel shatterproof cutting rulers for engineers with a raised grip for safety. These are an indispensable tool for any workshop, combining durability and precision, perfect for carpentry, woodworking, metalwork, construction, and drafting. Guarantees straight and accurate measurements and markings (centimeters and inches available). A durable ruler perfect for an architect or craft enthusiast.

Perfect for every application, from schools and universities to architect’s offices and engineering labs, Maun has been making safety rules for more than 60 years.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Choose these classic metal rulers from the experts today.

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  • Maun Metal Safety Rule 12″ being used to create a straight line on card

    SKU: 1773-012

    Metal Safety Rule 12″

    Protect fingers: M profile
    Made to last: Stainless steel
    Scale: Mixed imperial / metric
    £6.00 inc. VAT
    £5.00 ex. VAT
  • Maun Metal Safety Rule 300 mm close up of end section, showing the M profile

    SKU: 1774-300

    Metal Safety Rule 300 mm

    Protect fingers: M profile
    Made to last: Stainless steel
    Scale: Metric
    £6.00 inc. VAT
    £5.00 ex. VAT