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IT Tools

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Maun tools, better for IT.

Cutters, crimpers and pliers. Expertly adapted by Maun.

Choose the perfect addition to your toolbox with this range of essentials. One of a kind tools for IT technicians.

Connect it, crimp it, cut it. With Maun, it couldn’t be simpler.

Our range of IT tools is designed to be at the right hand of electricians and engineers. Whatever your job throws at you, our tools can handle it.

Our super specialist tools, like the Bootlace Ferrule Crimper; designed to crimp a wide range of popular bootlace ferrule sizes in one single tool. High-leverage action, minimal hand pressure. For a reliable crimp connection every time.

And our Ribbon Cable Cutter, designed for a clean cut on ribbon cables without crushing the cable cores.

Our Cable Tie Installation Pliers make managing a large amount of cables simple, allowing you to install and cut cable ties for a clean and safe finish every single time.

We’ve crafted our collection to solve the everyday problems for IT engineers. It features the pinnacle in specialist essentials, each engineered to get the job done. No matter what.

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