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Snipe Nose Parallel Pliers

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Maun-made for precision work.

Engineered for precision. Optimised for delicate work.

Our Snipe Nose Parallel Pliers are made for delicate jobs in tight spaces. Made in England since 1944.

With our range of snipe nose pliers, you can hold, grip, remove kinks and manipulate wire with ease. Work in tighter spaces than a normal flat nose plier could.

For delicate materials, we have the Snipe Nose Smooth Jaws Parallel Plier, which offers a secure grip without damaging softer materials, allowing you to perform delicate work without risk to the end product.

If you need more control for heavy duty materials, then our Snipe Nose Serrated Jaws Parallel Plier offer extra grip. Ideal for a secure grip on small objects and fastenings.

All of our snipe nose pliers have zinc-plated handles for added grip and HRC 57 hardened jaws for durability and a long tool lifespan.

A robust construction and a rust-proof finish.

Precision-engineered tools by Maun. Made in England since 1944.

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