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Plastic Jaw Parallel Pliers

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Maun’s best for delicate work.

Plastic jawed pliers to take care of delicate pieces. Expertly designed by Maun.

Bend and manipulate soft and fragile materials, leaving no marks, with a firm grip for complete accuracy.

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When you’re manufacturing with delicate materials, you need a precise tool that gives you accuracy without damaging or crushing the material. The Maun Soft Plastic Jaws Flat Nose Parallel Pliers are specifically designed for this, with parallel jaws that provide even grip across the full length, reducing the amount of force required for a good grip. The soft plastic inserts ensure no damage is done to the end product.

If you need to feel the feedback through the pliers to ensure complete accuracy, then our Nylon Jaws Flat Nose Parallel Plier are ideal. The harder, nylon jaw inserts give you the firmness needed for accuracy, but leaving a mark-free finish.

Our Round And Flat Nylon Jaws Parallel Plier is ideal for making accurate loops, often used in jewellery making and crafting. It has one tapered round jaw and one flat nylon jaw for gripping with minimal risk of workpiece damage.

The Maun Clamping Parallel Plier allows you to secure a workpiece firmly in place. The plastic jaw inserts will grip your workpiece with no risk of marking. Allowing you to focus on your work, while reducing effort for your hands when working over long periods.

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