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Parallel Pliers

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Maun's original problem solvers.

Parallel Pliers with uniquely engineered jaws designed for a firm grip on square and hexagonal fastenings. Or use these parallel action pliers to grip, bend, and straighten wire. We even have parallel pliers with cutters built in too, for extra efficiency.

Whatever your job requires, these are the parallel pliers for you.

Best UK-made Parallel-action Pliers for a Strong Grip

Toolbox essentials from the experts. Maun’s parallel pliers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Made in England and built to handle whatever your next job throws at you. These pliers are ideal as jewellery tools.

Smooth jaws. Serrated jaws. Return spring and comfort grips. Each tool is a new take on The Maun Original – the multi-purpose flat nose pliers that are made to solve problems. Gripping wire, as well as square and hexagonal fastenings, with the full length of its parallel jaws, no matter what.

The parallel action mechanism ensures a uniform grip across the entire surface of the jaws, with no pinch points like traditional pliers. The two jaws close together with the inner surfaces in parallel, helping you apply even force to objects, which prevents excessive force that can damage delicate pieces. This also stops your grip from slipping, making them safer hand tools vs scissor-type pliers on tough metals like steel, chains, or wire rope. Learn more in our post What are parallel pliers.

Take our Smooth Jaw Parallel Pliers. They're engineered for a firm grip, with no damage to delicate pieces. The ultimate tool for craft working – made to manipulate jewellery and soft wire (ideal for jeweller's).

For a set of heavy duty pliers that can grip, bend, and cut, choose our Side Cutter Parallel Pliers. Manipulate, straighten, and cut wire with ease, a versatile tool that’s a toolbox essential. HRC 57 hardened cutting blades let you cut through hard wire with ease. These can also be used as electrical wire pliers (although they aren't insulated).

And for the stronger stuff, there’s our Snipe Nose Serrated Jaws Parallel Plier. Very ergonomic, and perfect for holding small fastenings in a vice-like grip. Tapered jaws allow easier access in tight spaces, which is ideal for manufacturers and hobbyists. For jewellery makers and craft workers, we offer our Snipe Nose Smooth Jaws Parallel Plier. Work without risk of marking soft metal.

Our Jewellery pliers range has been specifically designed to help with flattening and manipulating wire without damaging it, providing uniformity and accuracy when making jump rings or during beadwork (including our Nylon jaw parallel action pliers and our pliers with plastic inserts). With parallel pliers, you get a more secure grip without using as much effort and damaging the jewellery. Our Round Nose Pliers are excellent for bending rings and loops.

Our locking pliers let you clamp your workpiece in place handsfree, ideal when working on multiple parts of a project at once, for example when working on a complicated handmade jewellery design.

Need more cutting? We have Cutting pliers, Side cutters, Wire cutters, End cutters, and Fencing pliers too.

Need to punch holes? See our Hole punches and punch pliers.

They’re our original problem solvers. We see problems and find innovative ways to solve them.

It’s been that way for over 75 years.

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