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Piano Wire Cutters

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Cut piano wire with ease.

Cut through piano wire with ease, with Maun wire cutters.

High-leverage cutters, specifically designed to cut through hard wire with minimal effort.

Quality wire cutters that are built to last. Choose Maun cutters today.

Piano maintenance has never been easier than with Maun wire cutters.

The hardened cutting edges prevent the cutters from blunting on hard wire, giving you a long tool service life.

Our diagonal cutters are engineered for high performance, with a compound-lever action requiring less effort for each cut, helping you make multiple cuts without hand fatigue.

Our Side Cutter Parallel Pliers allow you to both manipulate and cut wire with one tool, helping you be more efficient with your maintenance work. Grip, bend and cut hard piano wire with one tool.

Our pliers have over 75 years of history, made in England, for those who want the best.

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