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Small Side Cutters

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Small cutters, high force.

Expertly engineered by Maun.

Our range of small side cutters and side cutting parallel pliers offer versatile cutting solutions for smaller spaces and more delicate pieces.

High-leverage cutters help you make cuts with minimal effort.

Make clean, accurate cuts. Perfect for model makers, when working in tight spaces. Or for jewellery makers, making finer cuts on smaller pieces with more accuracy for better looking jewellery.

When doing intricate DIY jobs, use our smaller cutting pliers to make more precise cuts.

These cutters pack a punch. Our small diagonal cutting pliers have a compound-lever action multiplying hard force by 18x for less cutting effort.

Our smaller Side Cutter Parallel Pliers allow you to grip, manipulate and cut wire with one tool. With a v-slot in one jaw and the tool’s open throat, you can hold wire securely along the full jaw length. Like all Maun cutting pliers, these tools are precision-machined with hardened cutting blades.

Toolbox essentials, made in England since 1944 and built to last.

Browse all side cutters here.

Browse all cutters here.

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