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Leatherworking Tools

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Maun's toolbox treasures.

Maun precision engineered leatherworking tools help you work easier and faster.

Punch holes, secure eyelets and fix rivets with more accuracy and less effort.

The best tool for making holes in leather is a leather punch. These come in either individual punches struck with a hammer, or as pliers with spikes.

Maun Revolving Punch Pliers offer a versatile way to punch holes over multiple sizes. The range includes a lightweight puncher for thinner leather and a heavy duty punch revolving plier for leather greater than 1.5mm thick. This puncher requires up to 70% less effort than a standard revolving hole punch plier, helping to eliminate fatigue.

The Hole Punch Plier 1.0 mm To 4.8 mm Punches cuts through leather easily, perfect for performing the same punch multiple times. High-grade steel punches hardened to HRC 57 for durability. Available with either a single punch or with the complete set of seven different punch sizes.

The Maun Heavy Duty Hole Puncher & Eyelet Plier 4 mm Eyelets allows you to punch and install eyelets with one tool, making you more efficient with your leatherwork. The precision-ground punch creates clean-cut holes every time.

The Cupped Rivet Plier 160 mm uses parallel jaws to ensure rivets are closed evenly every time. The jaws are case hardened to HRC 57 for durability and a long tool lifespan.

Maun Wad Punch Sets are ideal for working over long periods, with interchangeable punches offering a large range of punch diameters. Choose between metric and Imperial sizes. One handle, nine punches, all packed in a neat storage box. The precision-made punches offer accurate leather cuts each and every time.

Maun leatherworker tools will help improve your leathercraft projects, helping to improve the accuracy of your carving and punching.

Maun leather working tools have been essential in leatherwork across the UK for over 75 years.

Invest in tools made for the job.

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