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Side Cutters

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Nip your next job in the bud with Maun’s range of Diagonal Cutting Pliers.

High-leverage cutter design to cut hard wire with minimal effort.

Our diagonal cutting pliers come in two different sizes (140mm and 160mm), and with two different handle options (zinc plated or soft plastic comfort grips).

Each engineered by our experts to tackle all sorts of wire and cable.

Cut. Nip. Snip. Designed for professionals who cut wires daily, this range is home to essential tools for engineers, electricians and manufacturers looking for top quality tools.

These side cutters are uniquely engineered by our experts for high performance with minimal effort. Hardened cutting edges offer exceptional durability and long service life.

Made in England and built to last, our side cutters are created to cut all types of wire again and again. With compound-lever action for less effort, they’re ideal tools to cut hard wire, dental wire and piano wire. They are great for cutting springs too.

Our special diagonal cutters offer different jaw widths and openings designed for all kinds of capacities.

Side cutter pliers work by creating an indentation into the wire, which the tool then wedges apart. The cutter edges of the jaws intersect the joint rivet at an angle (which is where it gets the name "diagonal pliers"). They shouldn't be used in a shearing action. Other common names include "a pair of dikes" in the electrical trade, as well as "nippers" and "snips".

Our tools have been in action for over 75 years; they’re masterpieces. It’s just another problem solved by Maun.

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