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Metal Cutting Pliers

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No-compromise cutters, by Maun..

Cut through metal with ease, with Maun metal cutting pliers.

High-leverage metal cutters, designed to cut cleanly through metal wire with minimal effort.

Precision-engineered, no-compromise cutters

Powerful cutting pliers, ideal for metal.

Cut through wire fencing, piano wire, dental wire, jewellery wire and more.

Our Side Cutting Parallel Pliers allow you to both grip and cut metal with one tool, allowing you to work much more efficiently without swapping tools. The v-slot along one of the gripping jaws gives you purchase on metal wire along the full length of the jaws, helping you work with even the toughest metal wire.

Choose our diagonal cutting pliers or end cutting pliers for efficient cutting. Engineered for the ultimate performance, these cutters have a long-lasting return spring for a quick tool reset, and HRC 64 induction-hardened cutting jaws for extra durability and a long tool lifespan.

Maun originals. British-made toolbox favourites.

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