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Flat Nose Parallel Pliers

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Great British parallel pliers.

Flat nose pliers are Great British pliers at their best.

First made more than 75 years ago with our unique design feature. The jaws always move in parallel. Grip square and hexagonal fastenings evenly. Or manipulate and straighten wire with ease. Just the job.

Made for professionals, technicians, maintenance engineers and serious DIY-ers. These parallel pliers from Maun are a toolbox essential.

Our Flat Nose Parallel Plier is made in a range of sizes to suit small and large hands. Serrated jaws provide a vice-like grip on fastenings. Use the v-slot to feed and hold wire down the full length of the parallel jaws. Perfect for straightening and removing kinks in wire.

For easier handling of parts, choose the Flat Nose Parallel Plier Return Spring. A multi-purpose tool for everyday use. Or see our Flat Nose Parallel Plier Comfort Grips, for the added comfort of soft plastic grips.

Flat nosed pliers with parallel action jaws provide exceptional purchase on flat items and flat jewellery pieces, allowing you maximum control over bending and twisting. Use your flat nose plier for opening and closing jump rings, and to flatten and form metal.

Unlike needle nose pliers or long nose pliers, these flat nose hand tools offer far more leverage, excellent as craft tools for working with heavier or tougher objects.

You can also choose smooth jaw pliers to prevent any damage to delicate pieces without compromising the excellent grip, the perfect addition to your jewellery making tool kit. Another alternative are our chain nose pliers.

These general purpose pliers are made of the highest quality materials in the UK and designed for durability, perfect for working with metal wire and metal sheet.

All these original problem solving pliers from Maun come with zinc-plated handles. Made in England and built to last. Jaws are case hardened to HRC 57.

Want to make your own jaw profile? The Customisable Soft Jaws Parallel Plier is made for you. Machine the untreated jaws to your own profile.

At Maun, we have been solving problems for more than 75 years.

So don’t settle for ordinary pliers. We don’t. Nor should you.

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