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Game, Bird & Fish Dispatchers

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Engineered for efficiency.

Quality everyday tools.

Dispatch game, birds and fish quickly and humanely with specially engineered tools from the experts at Maun. Explore our range of must-have tools for animal welfare today.

Dispatch game, birds and fish first time, every time. Humane dispatchers to ease suffering quickly and easily with minimal exertion.

Gamekeepers, poultry farmers and pest controllers. Our Humane Bird Dispatcher is a toolbox essential for professionals and field sports lovers needing to quickly dispatch sick, injured or captured birds. Pheasant, partridge, chicken or grouse, find a humane solution with Maun.

With jaws precisely set to provide correct closing distance. This is the ultimate tool for game-bird shooting and pest control. And with jaws case hardened to HRC 57, you can be sure of durability too.

Complete the set with our leather dispatcher pouch to keep your tool handy and a Game & Fishing Priest. All part of Maun’s collection of specially engineered dispatchers. Made for efficiency and effectiveness. No matter the job.

Innovative. Problem solving. Made in England and built to last.

That’s Maun for you.