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Fence Wire Cutters

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The fencing pliers of choice.

Tough and reliable fence wire cutters. Expertly designed by Maun.

Dealing with fencing wire is hard work, but our combination gripping and cutting fencing pliers make your work easier.

Cut, grip and bend even the hardest fencing wire with one tool.

Designed for farmers and groundsmen who demand the right tool for the job.

Our wire cutters are purpose built to cut through high tensile electric fence wire, which would blunt and break standard cutting tools. With Maun fencing pliers, you will make clean and accurate cuts every time.

The heavy-duty shear type cutters have been hardened to HRC 62-65 for durability, and the high-leverage design multiplies your hand force by 25x – making them easy to use over long periods.

The serrated gripping jaws improve your purchase when bending and manipulating fence wire.

The v-slot in one jaw, serrated gripping edges and an open throat make these the perfect pliers for gripping wire.

Choose either zinc-plated handles for added grip, or soft plastic handles for added comfort.

Fencing pliers, built to last and made in England. Shop fencing pliers here.

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  • Maun Fencing Plier 200 mm close up on open jaw

    SKU: 4959-200

    Fencing Plier 200 mm

    Repair wire: V-slot & parallel jaws
    Cut hard wire: Precision cutter
    Hardened jaws & blades: HRC 62-65
    £47.00 inc. VAT
    £39.17 ex. VAT