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Fishing Tools

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Catch the best tools from Maun.

Reliable fishing tools, built to last.

Maun offer a range of tools for anglers, including fishing pliers, wire cutters and fish priests.

No-compromise fishing tools engineered for ultimate performance.

The original problem solvers, Maun Side Cutter Parallel Pliers are ideal for both tying and cutting fishing wire with one tool. The v-slotted jaws provide exceptional purchase on the wire over the whole length of the jaws, and the compound-lever action cutters provide twice the force of scissor style cutters, helping you cut through fishing wire with ease. Useful for many fishing tasks, from removing hooks to cutting the shank of a hook itself.

Our Smooth Jaw Parallel Pliers make it easy to pinch your shot onto the line without leaving any marks. Excellent for multiple coarse fishing tasks.

Maun’s fishing priest was created for humanely dispatching fish. Designed with a contoured handle and comfortable wrist strap for a secure grip. Produced from high quality, turned aluminium. The long handle offers an effective counterbalance to the weight of the head.

Maun tools have been trusted for over 75 years, proudly made in England since 1944.

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