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Meter Sealing Pliers

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Maun’s meter sealing solution.

Meter sealing pliers. Developed to exceed the Retail Energy Code exacting demands.

Don’t be held back by the regulations. Surpass them and enjoy peace of mind, with our proven security sealing systems from Maun. Explore our range of pliers for meter sealing today.

Compress ferrules with ease using Maun’s expertly designed meter sealing pliers. Engineered to meet and exceed industry standards for utility meters.

Cylindrical ferrules or flag ferrules. Ensure a high-security and tamper-proof seal, with a pair of robust specialist pliers. Built for ease and efficiency, our Meter Sealing Plier For Cylindrical Ferrules compresses Maun cylindrical ferrules onto multi-strand cables in the hardest to reach places. Simply insert the ferrule and imprint with a customised code of up to 8 characters. The ratchet mechanism ensures a perfect crimp.

For flag ferrules, try our Meter Sealing Plier for Flag Ferrules. Like its sister plier, it crimps difficult to copy ferrules that comfortably exceed the Retail Energy Code performance requirements. Withstanding 400 N tensile load - double the Retail Energy Code spec - no bother. Its crimping jaws bend flags into an S-shape too, for added security.

Because at Maun, we do quality. Made in England. No compromise. Our meter sealing tools are built to last, with robust construction and a rust-proof finish.

It’s been that way since 1944. We don’t settle for ordinary, and neither should you.

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