Meter Sealing Plier for Flag Ferrules

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Meter Sealing Plier for Flagged Ferrules

A proven security sealing system for utility meters. Developed by Maun to exceed exacting regulatory demands.

Use to compress a Maun flagged ferrule onto our multi-strand cable. Results in a high-security, tamperproof seal.

Withstands a minimum 400N tensile load. Exceeds MOCOPA requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Uniquely identifies company and operator that sealed meter: imprints sealed ferrule with customised code, up to 8 characters in total.
  • Crimped ferrules comfortably exceed MOCOPA performance requirements: withstand minimum 400N tensile load, double the MOCOPA spec.
  • Sealing integrity assured; tool design minimises operator error: ratchet mechanism ensures ferrule cannot be released unless fully crimped.
  • Difficult to copy flagged ferrules: crimping jaw bends flag into S shape.
  • Single handed operation: lever action for high mechanical advantage.
  • Simple insertion of ferrule: wide opening jaws.
  • Easy to use in tight spaces: crimping area at tip of jaws.
  • Designed for comfort: operator adjustable handle span to suit hand size, plastic grips for comfort.
  • Made to last, robust construction and rust proof: jaws hardened for durability, blackened steel handles.


  • Maximum characters per jaw: 4
  • Length: 200mm
  • Nominal weight: 0.41kg.

For UK customers, only available to MOCOPA approved and authorised installers.

For export customers, contact us. We will verify the regulations in your country.

Maximum characters per jaw:
200 mm
Nominal Weight: