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Telecoms Pliers

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One of a kind telecoms tools. From the experts at Maun.

Get the better of your job with our range of telecoms pliers. Specialist tools for telecoms engineers and electricians. All in one place.

Indispensable, great British tools for the well-equipped telecoms engineer. Connect or disconnect. Whatever action your job requires, Maun have got a tool for you.

Take our Duct Rod Plier. It connects and disconnects duct or conduit rods easily and quickly, with uniquely profiled jaws to depress ferret latches with minimal effort. Designed to help telecoms engineers when pulling telecommunications or fibre optic cables through cable ducts.

And for cutting fibre tubes, there’s our Fibre Tube Cutter. For leak-proof connections, every time. With a choice of two specific cutter profiles, this durable, high-quality specialist plier cuts fibre outer tubes without severing the fibre bundles inside.

Our Centre Conductor Cutting Nipper is specialist essential too. Allowing telecoms engineers to cut centre conductor wires to the correct length. No displacement, easy cutting.

And when it comes to punching holes in metal sheet, our Metal Hole Punch Plier does just the trick. Designed for fitting ground conductor earthing plates or sheath clips with ease and comfort. Every time.

Because that’s Maun for you. Solving specialist problems since 1944.

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