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Pliers & Tools

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Whatever job you're doing, Maun has the tool for it.

Because since 1944, we’ve been proudly developing pliers and tools like nobody else.

Made in Britain. Made to last. Made to get the job done right, every time.

Professionals. Technicians. Farmers. Hobbyists. Crafters and DIY-ers. Everyone can find the right tools at Maun.

Based on the original Maun Parallel Pliers, every device is carefully crafted for precision, ease of use and durability.

From our Snipe Nose Smooth Jaws Parallel Plier for the smallest, most delicate tasks, to our heavy-duty Fencing Plier with compound-lever action. There's Specialist Pliers for every craft and trade.

Jewellery Making Pliers. Plumbing Tools. Electrical Tools. Straight Edges & Rules. There are high performance Side Cutters and Diagonal & End Cutters too.

Each tool is expertly engineered to cut, clamp, crimp, nip, punch, and prise with perfect accuracy. Again and again.

Why? Because Maun sees problems. Then finds ways to solve them for good.

Whether it’s cutting and repairing ball chains, removing olives from pipes or humanely dispatching birds and fish. No matter how niche the task is, we won’t stop until we’ve solved it.

And that’s why ours are no ordinary tools.

Demand better. Add a Maun tool to your arsenal today.

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