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Cutting Pliers & Cutters

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Cutters to give you the edge.

From the original problem solvers, this range of quality cutting pliers is built to last. With induction hardened edges and compound-lever assisted handles, our range of cutting tools and nippers make light work of cutting hard wire.

Get your next job done and dusted. Choose a proper pair of hand cutters from Maun.

Hand Cutting Tools To Cut With Precision

For electricians looking for a pair of top-quality diagonal side-cutting pliers. Or dental technicians wanting a tool to cut orthodontic wire. This range of no-compromise workbench essentials has everything you need from your next set of pliers.

Our diagonal wire cutters can cut through a wide range of wire types and materials, including copper, aluminium, steel, brass, and iron. The sharp jaws on these hand tools can cut through rivets, springs, nails, and bolts too. Hardened edges induction snips.

Nipping and slicing. Gripping and manipulating. Straightening hard wire. Our wire snipping tools are engineered for ultimate performance.

Products sub-categories: Side Cutters | End Cutting Pliers | Side-Cutter Parallel Pliers | Small Side Cutters | Metal Cutting Pliers | Olive Cutters | Cable Cutters | Cable Tie Cutters

We also have a range of Plier sets that include plier cutters, with snips for a range of uses including outdoors, jewellery, and more.

You can easily trim wires flush against a solder joint for electrical installations. With side cutters (also known as “snips”), the cutting edges of the jaws intersect the joint rivet on an angle (hence the name “diagonal cutters” as they have angled jaws). They create an initial indentation and then wedge the wire apart (compared to scissors that use a shearing action).

Cut through all types of wire, from copper to piano wire, an essential for every professional's toolbox. These comfortable pliers are Ideal for use as electrical pliers, although they cannot be used on live electrical wires.

Our range includes diagonal pliers with a return spring, to help reset the pliers quickly so that you can make repeated cuts as fast as possible (very ergonomic). This makes them ideal for trades like electricians or mattress manufacturers, that require multiple cuts on wire or wire rope in a short space of time. Our end cutters are also perfect for this.

We stock multiple sizes of tools to suit your particular need, including needle nose pliers for tight spaces. We have our 140mm Plier with a cutting capacity of 3mm diameter soft wire at the smaller end, and our 200mm Plier with a cutting capacity of 6mm diameter soft wire at the higher end.

Our online product range also includes high-leverage cutters, so it takes little effort to produce a large force. They're made in the UK too.

Take our Side Cutter Parallel Plier For Hard Wire - It's a Maun Original, uniquely built by our experts, with parallel jaws for a vice-like grip. Or our durable Fencing Pliers, with an added precision side cutter, we’ve created the ideal tool for cutting and repairing high tensile fencing wire and having serrated jaws to grip and bend the wire.

Maun Olive Cutters are designed to remove compression olives, ferrules, and rings fast with no damage to the pipe work. A must-have plier for any plumber’s toolbox.

Our Cable Cutters are uniquely engineered for better cable cutting. Our Ratchet Cable Cutter will easily cut through SWA cables, while our Ribbon Cable Cutter offers a perfect crush-free cut on cables every single time.

The Maun Cable Tie Installation pliers offer a simple solution to tighten and cut cable ties in sizes up to 5 mm with little to no effort. They provide a clean and flush finish on cable ties without leaving sharp edges.

Check out the added comfort grips on our Diagonal Cutting Plier For Hard Wire Comfort Grips. Perfect for professionals when cutting all day. Our End Cutting Plier For Hard Wire is a toolbox favourite too.

Built with various jaw widths and blades, these Great British tools can handle wires, cables, electric fencing, and more. They’re essential tools for electricians, craftsmen, farmers, and technicians.

Because with this range of Maun originals, your toolbox is a cut above the rest.

Can't see what you are looking for? Check out our full range of Pliers.

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