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Crimping Tool BNC, TNC, UHF 50 Ω Connectors

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Ratchet-controlled for quality to ensure the crimp is completed gas free before the handles release.

For use on 50 Ω connectors in cable group A. Green handles help identify the correct tool to use.


  • No failed connections – ratchet only releases once crimp is perfectly complete.
  • Handles are colour-coded to ensure the right tool is used.
  • Easier handling of parts due to return spring.
  • Designed for operator comfort, even over long periods.
  • Built to last, with a robust construction and rust-proof finish.


  • This tool with green handles for use on 50Ω connectors in cable group A.
  • Fool proof ratchet feature ensures a perfect crimp.
  • Ratchet release lever removes any partially crimped contacts.
  • Compound-lever action multiplies hand force by 10 for less crimping effort.
  • Precision-machined jaw profiles for accurate connector and cable insertion.
  • Long-lasting return spring.
  • Jaws hardened and tempered to HRC 44 for durability.
  • Jaws and handles chemically blackened.
  • Green soft plastic grips for added comfort and easy identification.


A must-have tool for professional electricians, and television and radio aerial fitting service engineers. Used on cable groups A. Ideal for:

  • Maintenance and repair.
  • Electrical installations.
  • Cable assemblies.


  • Made in England.
  • Standard 12 months' warranty. Register your tool to extend this to 2 years.
  • 220 mm length.
  • This tool is for 50Ω connectors in cable group A: green plastic grips.
  • Also available Crimping Tool BNC, TNC, UHF 75Ω Connectors for 75Ω connectors in cable groups D & F: red plastic grips.

Why Maun?

No more failed connections. A fool proof ratchet and colour-coded handles guarantee a perfect crimp, every time. That’s Maun for you. We see problems and find innovative ways to solve them.

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Extra Information

Perfect crimp:
Ratchet control
Easy to use:
Specialist tool
Minimal effort:
10X hand force