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Jewellery Parallel Pliers

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Proper jewellery pliers. Made for delicate work.

Round Jaw Pliers. Jewellery Parallel Pliers. Plastic Jaw Insert Pliers. You name it: our experts have designed it. Explore our range of jewellery making pliers today.

Make loops. Bend wire. Grip soft metal. Our pliers are designed for delicacy. The ideal tools for working with jewellery, offering a strong grip without compromising your work.

See our Smooth Jaws Flat Nose Parallel Plier Return Spring. Get a firm grip on delicate pieces with its smooth jaws. No damage. Perfect for manipulating and straightening soft wire with ease. For working with the most delicate items, try our Soft Plastic Jaws Flat Nose Parallel Plier.

We have pliers for ring bending, loop making and even working with colour coated soft wire. Use our Snipe Nose Smooth Jaws Parallel Plier for small pieces or in tights spaces. And our Jewellery Making Tool Kit is a great starter set if you’re new to making jewellery. Four tools adapted for making loops, bending tight curves and gripping without damaging your work.

We make tools engineered for jewellery makers, but used by anyone who cares about their craft. Hobbyists and craftspeople. Manufacturers and sheet metal workers. Name a profession, Maun has made a tool for that.

Because at Maun, we don’t settle for ordinary. And you shouldn’t either.

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