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Unique tools to fix problems.

The original problem solvers. Unique tools for unique problems.

Maun tools are workbench essentials, built to tackle tough problems that average tools can’t solve.

Discover Maun tools. The best of British quality for demanding professionals.

Maun is best known for our pliers and cutters. But our tool range goes way beyond that.

Our precision Straight Edges are expertly engineered for accurate scoring and cutting. Perfect accuracy when it matters most. Choose from steel or aluminium straight edges.

Maun’s stainless steel Safety Rulers use an M-shaped profile to keep your fingers away from any cutting edges. Available in metric and Imperial measurements.

Our Game, Bird & Fish Dispatchers are a humane way to dispatch animals quickly, used by agricultural farmers, fishermen, game hunters and for pest control.

Maun Punches are designed for clean and accurate hole punches in a range of materials, including paper, leather, fabric, card, plastic and cork. Choose from a range of wad punches and punch pliers.

Our Eyelet punches are the perfect crafting tool, designed to securely fasten eyelets every single time. Perfect for arts, crafts, leatherwork and dressmaking.

Maun Crimping tools are specialist tools designed to create trouble-free, gas-tight crimps with ease. They are perfect for everyday use in professional settings. Choose from our Bootlace Ferrule Crimper, our Bootlace Ferrule Crimping Plier and a range of crimpers for specialist connectors like Scotchlok 8A 8B and QM Multipole.

Maun Toolmakers Clamps are a toolbox staple, ideal for industrial engineers and hobbyists to achieve a tight grip on their work. Precision-built for a stronger hold.

Our tool range also includes Riveters & Rivets, Gas Meter Tools, and Security Sealing Wires and Ferrules.

Maun tools have been used for over 75 years, made in England since 1944.

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