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​Best Tools for Christmas Decorations in 2024

​Best Tools for Christmas Decorations in 2024

12th Dec 2023

Whether you’re putting up your Christmas decorations for the first time, or you’re a seasoned competitor for the best Christmas decorations on the street, professional tools from Maun can give you the edge.

From dressing the tree to wrapping presents, these tools will level up your Christmas decoration game making you the star of the season.

Here are our favourite Christmas decorating tools and how they can help your festive features shine:

Accurately hang, cut and place with a professional straight edge.

Our choice: Steel & Aluminium Straight Edges & Rules

Sharpen up your present wrapping and decoration hanging.

Clean edges and crisp lines are the tiny differences between a beautifully wrapped gift and a bundle of paper. Similarly, lights, Christmas trimmings and garlands look even more spectacular when they are level and not out of shape. Whatever you want to straighten-up, there is a straight edge or rule that can bring engineering excellence to your seasonal set-up:

  • Steel Straight Edge Metric 500 mm – Perfect to help with cutting and curling ribbon, to make your presents the picture-perfect vision reflecting the love and thought put into the gift inside.
  • Aluminium Safety Straight Edge 1000 mm – Perfect for marking or tearing wrapping paper, with a crisp clean edge, and featuring a non-slip foam rubber backing to hold the paper in place. This straight edge is the third hand you always need when reaching for the sticky tape.
  • Steel Straight Edge Imperial 72″ – The perfect tool to help create that perfect triangular shape for your tree. A strong clean line to show up those branches that need a quick bend, cut or trim (we also have tools to help you with that).
  • Aluminium Safety Straight Edge 3000 mm – Align those hanging cards and straighten up your trimmings with this 3m straight edge. The non-slip backing helps you hold the straight edge in place whilst you mark-up or place those glittering decorations.
  • Metal Safety Rule 12″ - When more than a straight edge is needed, this 12” rule features both metric and imperial scales to help you ensure equally spaced baubles, cards and stockings for that symmetric seasonal scene.

Reasons to buy:

  • A range of straight edges and rules perfect for your Christmas decorating detail and for many more applications in industrial and engineering settings.
  • Wide range of metric and imperial sizes
  • Aluminium and steel variants available
  • Exceptional quality: Maun tools are renowned for being durable and reliable to keep up with their DIY projects.
  • Made in England.

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Recycle, repair and create decorations with parallel pliers

Our choice: Parallel Pliers

Gripping pliers to shape form and hold decorations for your tree and beyond.

Delicate and intricate tree decorations can often be damaged in storage and new decorations may need loops or tread adding to them out of the box. Parallel pliers from Maun offer a variety of jaws to make your tree dressing and wreath making akin to that of St. Nick's very own elves!

  • Side Cutter Parallel Plier for Hard Wire Return Spring 160 mm – the perfect companion to creating your festive wreath. With serrated jaws and a high-leverage cutting jaw from shaping your wreath wire frame to weaving your holly, ivy, spruce or pine these spring action pliers are a must-have.
  • Round Jaws 1 1/2" Parallel Plier 140 mm – Perfect for closing and reshaping all those hanging loops and eyelets, even holding twine loops to simplify tying those tiny knots. A specialist tool with many decoration-detail uses.
  • Nylon Jaws Flat Nose Parallel Plier 140 mm – For when the finish on your decorations needs that delicate touch, these soft jaw pliers give a little when pressed against harder materials to avoid causing blemishes and maintain their super sparkle.
  • Side Cutter Parallel Plier For Hard Wire 140 mm – Cut and bend your tree into shape for that perfect conical outline. The side cutter parallel plier can do it all to shape your perfect tree and clean up those overhanging misshapen branches on your artificial tree.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Unique parallel plier provides a constant grip along the jaw, perfect for working with Christmas decorations as well as the ideal solution for industrial and automotive applications.
  • Wide range of jaw designs and materials to carry out a huge range of gripping, twisting, shaping, and cutting applications.
  • Handle options including metal, sprung and PVC comfort grips to suit your tactile preferences and physical needs.
  • Made in England.
  • Gift wrapping available.

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Christmas decorations that are a cut above the rest

Our choice: Cutting Pliers

Cut and trim your Christmas decorations with ease and accuracy.

Unruly edges and untidy branches can take the sparkle away from your Christmas decoration efforts. with Maun cutting pliers, the compound action design makes all your cuts easy to complete and with clean cut accuracy:

Choose from:

  • Diagonal Cutting Plier For Hard Wire 160 mm – Make quick easy repetitive cuts to even the hardest of wires associated with your Christmas decorations or artificial Christmas trees to get that perfect clean finish.
  • End Cutting Plier For Hard Wire 150 mm – Remove and cut old nails and fixings when you start to prepare the way for your Christmas decorations, and once they are ready to retire for another year, with this high-performance end nipper.
  • Fencing Plier Comfort Grips 200 mm – With their comfort grips, gripping and cutting features, the Fencing Plier is an essential tool for fitting and hanging your outdoor illuminations and decorations.

Reasons to buy:

  • High-performance cutting pliers with a compound action design to make even the hardest cuts easier. Whether you are decorating your home or repairing equipment at work these pliers are at the cutting edge.
  • Various cutting head designs to enable you to cut from many angles.
  • Spring return for high volume cutting, and PVC grips for comfort available on selected models.
  • Made in England.
  • Gift wrapping available.

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Are professional tools good for decorating at Christmas?

Professional tools can help you to produce a cleaner, more precise finish when hanging your Christmas decorations. If you need the appearance of your decorations to be of the highest quality, then choose the professional tools that an engineer would rely on for accuracy and efficiency.

What makes Maun tools great for putting up Christmas decorations?

The main reason for choosing Maun tools when hanging your Christmas decorations is their performance. You know that you’re investing in a tool that’s built to last, and that’s been specifically designed with care for the job at hand. Maun has been a pioneer in tool making since 1944, with British-made pliers and tools you can rely on.

How to choose the perfect tools for Christmas decorations?

The best way to choose the right tool kit is to consider the decorations that you are planning to display or create, plan the actions that you need to complete and the tools that could help you complete them. You can then choose the tools that you prefer for each of those activities, for example, if you are planning to make some Christmas wreaths, a side cutter parallel plier and a diagonal cutting plier will be exceptionally useful.

Are these tools suitable for beginners or professionals?

Maun tools are professional grade, which makes them ideal for professionals, but they’re also perfectly appropriate for beginners to use, as they require no more skill than any other tool – they just help to produce better results.

Are there any special Christmas offers?

Yes, for Christmas, you can choose optional gift wrapping on Maun pliers, which is perfect if you’re buying them as a special gift this festive season. You might also find a bargain with one of the tool kits that are available with a discount for a limited period in the run into Christmas.


We hope you enjoyed our best tools for Christmas decorations guide, packed with ideas to help your festive display shine like never before, with the accuracy and efficiency that engineers the world over would be proud of!

Brought to you by Maun, experts in tools since 1944.

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